Broadcast Video Archives
These are the archived videos of the RTP tour events so far:

July 1 -- Concord, MA
July 2 -- Concord, NH
July 3 -- Hartford, CT
July 4 -- Philadelphia, PA
July 5 -- Trenton, NJ
July 6 -- Harrisburg, PA
July 8 -- Annapolis, MD
July 10 -- Richmond, VA 
July 11 -- Raleigh, NC
July 12 -- Asheville, NC

July 13 -- Columbia, SC
July 14 -- Atlanta, GA
July 22 -- Houston, TX Guests: Jon Roland, Constitution Society &
Jim Cabaniss, AVIDD, American Veterans in Domestic Defense
July 23 -- Austin, TX  Guests: Author Liz McIntyre Spychips and Constitutional Scholar & Libertarian/former presidential candidate Michael Badnarik

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