Congress Projects & Programs

The Give Me Liberty
2007 Conference

Washington DC
March 29-31, 2007 

Come participate as a packed lineup of nationally renowned academic/public figures
and Liberty leaders publicly examine and question the damaging policies and practices
of our Government that are threatening the survival of our Constitution, our Republic
and our Liberty.
Beyond the speaker packed agenda the conference will include evening dinner events
and a large public Right-to-Petition vigil at the White House based on the en masse
protest scene from the feature film, "V for Vendetta."   It is hoped we will have at least
a 1,000 costumed "V's" standing in peaceful defiance of despotism, awaiting a response
for our Petitions for Redress.

The conference will also feature a 1/2 day workshop where a significant set of
activist tools will be unveiled for WTP Congress Coordinators and those
that desire to become one.

Full details, agenda and hotel information will be released soon!


Learn about the landmark Right-to-Petition lawsuit.

Learn about how you can $hare in the growth and success
of the WTP Congress and help fund your own local grassroots activism.