Mission Statement

The We the People Congress is a non-profit, membership-based assembly of patriotic Americans dedicated to “institutionalizing” citizen vigilance and governmental accountability. The organization is legally and institutionally separate from the We The People Foundation, but closely connected by a mutuality of purpose and coordinated operations plans.

The Mission of the We The People Congress is threefold:

1) To institutionalize the local distribution of educational material that the People are not receiving from any other source – the history, meaning, effect and significance of every provision of our Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States of America and our State Constitutions; and

2) To institutionalize the independent review by the People of the actions of their local, state and federal government officials – viz a viz the requirements of their Constitutions; and

3) To institutionalize resistance by the People against unconstitutional or illegal behavior by government officials whenever and wherever it is discovered.  

The Congress coordinates closely with the WTP Foundation in carrying out its Mission. The Foundation takes the lead regarding the development of civic educational materials. The Foundation and the Congress share responsibility for identifying abuses of power. The Congress takes the lead in organizing for widespread grassroots civic activism to correct those abuses.

The WTP Congress has been established for the purpose of developing in the public forum, out of the ordinary, non-aligned citizenry, a constituency committed to a nationwide, pro-active, non-violent, mass-movement, with the goal of achieving ordered Liberty through citizen vigilance and government accountability. As an organized force of “constitutional activists,” the WTP Congress is organizing into “ward republics” in every county, with a “Citizen Vigilance Center” in every State Capitol. 

We recognize that popular sovereignty as a social and political force is a fundamental cornerstone of our constitutional Republic. The Congress is committed to achieving its goals of restoring Freedom and Constitutional Order through the exercise of popular sovereignty by all possible non-violent means including: public protest, judicial process, legislative lobbying, electoral advocacy and the exercise of the Right to Petition.

America stands at a crossroad. In our lifetime, we may witness either the demise or resurrection of our Constitution, our Republic and the promise of Liberty. The WTP Congress is uniquely committed to serve “We the People” in helping them organize to effectively repel the forces of tyranny.


In each state capitol, We The People Congress intends to erect a Citizen's Vigilance Center, staffed by full-time Congress professional personnel and local volunteers to carry out the mission of institutionalized vigilance over government at all levels, local state and federal.

In remembrance of his divine inspiration, constitutional genius and lifelong commitment to the defense of Liberty by Thomas Jefferson, each Congress Vigilance Center and its surrounding grounds will articulate the grand architecture and illumination manifest within Jefferson's Virginia home, Monticello.

The Vigilance Centers will forever preserve the Spirit of Freedom and the Light of Liberty
for the People of this nation, and the world.