Who is Bob Schulz?

“Freedom cannot be achieved by words and good intentions.  It is reserved for those who are prepared to risk everything for its eternal blessing. 

Our Nation was founded by People who endured the abusive hand
of government tyrants for generations.  They understood the value
of personal freedom, and the price required to obtain and maintain it.  Many of them paid the ultimate price to secure the blessings of liberty for future generations of Americans — including ours. 

We owe no less to our own children and grandchildren.  America has reached a defining and critical moment in history.  With hearts inspired by love of God and Country, and devotion to duty, We The People must confront and turn back those forces that seek to destroy our sacred Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Please join us.”

Robert L. Schulz, Sr.,

We The People Foundation
for Constitutional Education, Inc.



Bob Schulz is 68 years old and has been married to his wife Judy for almost 50 years.  He has four children and nine grandchildren. He has made his home in
Lake George, New York since the 1970's.

He graduated from
Kings Point Federal Academy and holds an MBA from Xavier University, almost completing his PhD. 

For almost three decades, Bob Schulz enjoyed life as a highly successful engineering and business consultant.

His professional experiences included corporate positions at Westinghouse and General Electric.  At GE he led an R&D initiative in environmental engineering which applied engineering science and economic theory to the industry of waste stream management and materials recycling for the first time. 

He held leadership positions regarding environmental agencies in the states of Connecticut, New York, as well as the federal EPA. During the
Viet Nam war, he volunteered his services for the nation.  Later on, Schulz worked with Prudential-Bache on Wall Street as financial consultant, eventually going on to found his own independent management consulting group.

But in back 1979, Schulz learned something that would change his life forever. At a local public meeting in Lake George, Schulz tried to ask a question of a local official regarding a proposed public works project.  The local official refused to discuss the matter in public.

Innately sensing that something was wrong and the official was hiding something, Schulz went to the law library and quickly discovered the fact that would change everything: The state of New York had a constitution.

This awakening, particularly for someone as well educated as Schulz was the shocking.

As he began to study the law further, Schulz learned about the history of our nation, the fundamentals of our legal system and the sheer genius of our state and federal Constitutions in holding governments accountable. Schulz became an ardent student of all things Constitutional, including the compelling works of Thomas Jefferson.  

In 1979, Schulz filed his first lawsuit against the government to stop the local public works project. He presented evidence the local officials had violated the law.  He won.

Following that lawsuit, Schulz went on to fight over 100 legal battles against various agencies and officials in the state of New York, including successful lawsuits against the Governor involving misuse of public funds, after which suffering political defeat.

In 1994, Schulz ran for libertarian candidate for governor. In 1988, Schulz set down his business affairs and took on the full-time role as a "Freedom Keeper." He has never looked back.

After forming the WTP Foundation and WTP Congress in 1997, Schulz slowly moved onto issues of national significance bringing lawsuits to halt the Wall Street sponsored bailout of the failed Mexican Peso and to challenge the President's constitutional authority to bomb Serbia without a Congressional Declaration of War. 

By 2000 WTP and Schulz were knee-deep in exposing the fraud of the federal Income Tax system.  By 2002, WTP had authored several additional Petitions for Redress asserting gross violations of the Constitution resulting from the USA Patriot Act, the privately owned Federal Reserve, and the (undeclared) Iraq war.  Additional Petitions regarding the NAU, Illegal Immigration/Open Borders, and the infringement of the Second Amendment were also created.

Since then, Schulz has led the WTP organizations as they have framed the larger Constitutional issue of the Right of the People to Secure Redress for Petitions regarding violations of the Constitution.  Central to this effort was the landmark Right-to-Petition federal lawsuit which sought -- for the first time in history -- a Judicial declaration regarding the Constitutional meaning of the last ten words of the First Amendment. 

After the U.S Supreme Court refused to hear the landmark lawsuit in January 2008, Schulz set out to take the "next logical step."  This project, the Revolution Project, is that step. 

Bob Schulz has dedicated most of his productive years, at great personal expense and sacrifice to his family, to pursue with his whole heart, the restoration of Constitutional Order. 

Will you join him as a "Freedom Keeper?"