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A.  Sign the Petitions:  Ongoing

B.  Serve the Petitions:
June 30- COMPLETE!

C.  Bring Federal Litigation
ON HOLD/Delayed

D.  Protests: Hungering to Secure Redress:
Begins SEPTEMBER 17th in DC

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A.  Sign the Petitions

First, a quick review: The Petitions for Redress of Grievances are NOT merely an exercise in free speech conveying statements of political discontent from the People.  

First Amendment Petitions for Redress constitute formal, legal Notice to our Government that it has violated the Constitution by either trespassing outside the strictly limited authorities delegated it by the consent of the People or because it has otherwise infringed upon the fundamental Rights of the Sovereign People. 

Petitions for Redress are LEGAL DEMANDS to cure Constitutional torts against the People. As a creation and servant of the People, the Government is obligated by the Rule of law, the Constitution, and Nature herself to yield and present substantive Redress.

The Right of the People to peacefully secure Redress through the exercise and enforcement of the Right of Petition is the Constitutional instrument by which the People enjoy, and orderly maintain, their Popular Sovereignty.  This 800-year old Fundamental Right was first articulated in written law as Section 61 of the Magna Carta in 1215.  It remains in force today as a cornerstone in the Rule of Law as the last ten words of the First Amendment.

The WTP Foundation has put forth (7) Petitions for Redress of Grievances.  The subject violations include: the un-declared Iraq war, the unconstitutional, privately owned Federal Reserve and fiat "dollar"; the imposition of constitutionally prohibited direct, un-apportioned slave taxes upon American labor; the gross infringements upon the 4th Amendment Privacy and 5th Amendment Due Process Rights resulting from the "USA PATRIOT Act"; the President's failure to enforce the Immigration laws of the nation; the unconstitutional de facto adoption of the "North American Union"; and the unconstitutional infringements upon the 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms depriving the People the practical means, if necessary, to exercise their Right to Abolish their government and replace it with a new institution as they may deem necessary for their Safety & Happiness. 

We need to send an unequivocal message to Washington:  The People will no longer tolerate the insolence of our servant Government or tolerate its continuing and systemic deprivation of the People's Fundamental Rights. We will exercise all non-violent means to secure our Rights, including the Right to Retain our Money to secure Redress.

We need 1,000,000 Americans to sign
these Petitions


B.  Serve the Petitions:

On June 30, 2008 hundreds of volunteers will formally serve the First Amendment Petitions for Redress of Grievances upon every member of Congress and the President at their LOCAL district and state offices. 

The service, just as with the service of any legal document, will be sworn by affidavit and constitute formal, legal Notice upon the Government.  The Petition package will explicitly advise each recipient that they have an individual constitutional obligation to respond and that they have forty (40) calendar days within which to respond.  Failure of the Government to Respond will cause the commencement of the protest/enforcement phase of the Revolution project.

At the same on the same day, thousands of other volunteers will stream across the fifty states, serving the same Petitions for Redress of Grievance upon every District office of every Senator and Representative. These People will as well, document their service via sworn affidavit. 

Well in advance of these events, volunteers will have an opportunity to sign-up online and commit to service of a particular local District office, or even multiple offices. We would like to have at least three (3) volunteers commit to for each local office.

Volunteers will also have an opportunity to obtain, at very modest cost, a June 30th "Service Package" including a CD-ROM containing printable, electronic versions of the Petitions along with images of the Petition signatures (both electronic and hand-signed).  The package will also contain additional materials, including the process server affidavits that volunteers will need to sign and (timely) return to the WTP office and the official transmittal letter.

(NOTE: A secure online system to obtain the Service packages
with further instructions for serving the Petitions will be available soon.

Well in advance of these events, volunteers will also have access to Press Kits and Press Releases for use in their local communities to provide advance notice to the press and other organizations regarding these events.  (NOTE: materials will be available soon

Where possible, volunteers will capture the Service events on video for the historical record and forward copies of such tapes to WTP for use in publicizing the Revolution initiative.

C.  Federal Litigation: What do the last 10 words mean?

Despite a significant body of legal and historical documentation, the courts have been loathe to address the legal meaning of the last ten words of the First Amendment.  In fact, in January, 2008 the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the first federal lawsuit -- ever -- that had explicitly raised this most important constitutional question.

A limited number of volunteer Plaintiffs are needed to initiate a federal lawsuit in each of the (11) separate Appellate Circuits. The purpose is to force the federal Judiciary, and particularly each of the U.S. Courts of Appeal, to provide a formal, direct declaration of the constitutional meaning of the First Amendment Petition clause.

The lawsuit is planned to be filed on July 11, 2008.  THIS ACTIVITY HAS BEEN POSTPONED

Because no federal court has yet to directly address the specific constitutional question raised, it is hoped that by raising the controversial issue in every Appellate Circuit, that the U.S. Supreme Court will finally be forced to address this most critical matter affecting the fundamental relationship between the People and their servant government.


D.  Protests to Secure Redress

After being formally served the Petitions for Redress on June 30, each U.S. Government official will be under an express, individual Constitutional duty to provide Redress to the Petitioners within (40) forty calendar days.

Just as with Magna Carta of 1215, failure on the part of the Government to timely provide such Redress will of necessity, force the People to then initiate a series of high-profile protest events intended to (peacefully) force the Government into compliance. 

Should the Government fail to provide timely, substantive Redress by Friday August 8th, Bob Schulz will initiate a hunger fast at the U.S. Capital in Washington. CURRENTLY SCHEDULED FOR SEPT. 17th -- MORE DETAILS...

Click here to commit to coming to Washington September 16-17

This important full-time protest event will occur on the National Mall, halfway between the Washington Monument and the U.S. Capitol. The event has been tentatively identified as "Hungering for Redress."

WTP Congress has applied for the permits necessary to support this event for its currently planned six-week duration. 

The permits allow 24/7 occupation of the entire venue, with certain restrictions.  The overall vision is to erect temporary tents and educational kiosks on the Mall, with hunger-strike protesters coming from every state to join in the non-stop protest, committing to whatever duration of time each person deems personally appropriate for their circumstances. 

Current plans include provisioning the tents, fresh water and sanitary facilities on-site, as well as numerous staged events, including limited entertainment during the duration of the hunger protest. Plans are also being considered for live satellite Internet broadcasts from the protest events.

Additional details of the "Hungering for Redress" DC event are being developed and will be released shortly. Plans for local events across the nation are also being developed.

If you're reading this page, you probably know the score by now.
Unfortunately, you also know most of America is still asleep.

Our Liberty and our Constitution hang by a thread. It's not too early to begin considering what you are personally willing to sacrifice to ensure that Light of Liberty will not be extinguished.

Will you personally commit to the battle for Liberty?
Will you help shoulder the financial burden?
Will you volunteer to Serve the Petitions?
Will you volunteer to be a Plaintiff in one of the 11 "Circuit Lawsuits?"
Will you engage your time and resources to educate America?
Will you participate in and help organize local protest events?
Will you disrupt your life, and the lives of your family, to come to Washington?
Will you stand with Bob Schulz, even for a limited time, in "Hungering for Redress?"

What price Liberty?


We Need Your Commitment.
We Need Your Support.

Liberty has never been free and Power has never voluntarily relinquished its position.

To succeed we must come together.

The battle is not for property rights alone, or gun rights alone, or the Federal Reserve alone, or uncontrolled immigration alone -- or any other Freedom issue. 

The battle is against tyrants in our Government that would deprive our People of their Liberty -- no matter its manifest form.  This is our common enemy.

The time has come to temporarily suspend our complete allegiance to fighting for specific, individual causes. The time has come to temporarily suspend our complete allegiance to specific, individual organizations.

We must gather together, join together, and commit together to fighting our common enemy, using the profound weapon in the Law that forces the servant Government to be held accountable for any - and all - transgressions against the Constitution: The Right to Petition the government for Redress of Grievances. 

"No Redress.  NO TAXES."
It's pretty simple and it can work. 
Indeed, it must work -- or a grave fate awaits both our Republic and Liberty itself. 

To counter the institutionalized inertia of tyranny currently plaguing our Republic, we need to mount an aggressive, national-scale public relations and citizen education program. This effort will take many forms including print, Internet radio, and television/cable advertising. Here is a sample full page ad we could run in USA TODAY.

We cannot hope to mobilize the population to rise in defiance of the tyrants if the masses remain ignorant of our shared plight.

We also need to finance, in advance, the significant logistical costs (vendors, equipment, staging, technology, travel, etc.) required to prepare for and execute the multiple staged events that constitute the physical elements of this project. 

As is self-evident, such a bold undertaking requires not only that many make a personal commitment to participate, but it also requires that many make a personal commitment to share the burden of raising the substantial financial resources that will be consumed as part of this most important project. 

Quite frankly, this initiative requires multitudes of individuals to make a personal commitment to a common cause that, until now, has never been unachieved by any single non-political freedom organization.  

For us to succeed in our quest to restore Constitutional Order, we must join in defense against our common enemy and commit, in union, to exercising, and enforcing -- en masse -- the one tool bequeathed to us by our Founders to non-violently contain despots:  The Right to Petition. 

With that said, the WTP Congress has done everything possible to enable those of even the most humble of means to help fund this cause. 

The very good news is that with many making even modest contributions, large amounts of funding can be raised relatively quickly.  The recent fund raising efforts of Presidential candidate Ron Paul are concrete evidence that millions of dollars can be raised, literally overnight.

The truth is simple: The more money we raise, the more hell we can raise.
The quicker we do it, the better. 

$7/month Congress Memberships

Key to our project financing plan is our new $7/month "subscription" Congress Membership.

After signing up through our secure/encrypted on-line system, your credit card is charged just $7 on the day of initial processing, plus $7 each time your personally selected calendar date of the month occurs each month.  For those that can support us at a higher level, $25/month Patriot Memberships and $50/month Son-of-Liberty Memberships are also available. 

The punch line:  If just 50,000 People committed to just a modest $7/month level of support, this project could secure over $1 million funding in just 90 days. That's not a bad start.

Then consider this: In the 1st three months of 2008 alone, Ron Paul had approximately 60,000 individual donations totaling almost $7 million, averaging almost $90 per donation. If only a fraction of those same Freedom lovers were to donate only a fraction of the amounts they donated to the Paul political campaign, this critical Liberty project could secure funding of millions of dollars before the summer protest events are scheduled to commence.

If we can roust up even more interest from the general public, only the sky is the limit for manifesting the potential impact this project could have upon our nation.

Quite frankly, it's what we need if we are to succeed.

Here's what you need to do: Join the Congress and donate some more when you can.  Yahoo! warning

However much you can help.
Whenever you can help. 

Each and every person who values Liberty must now step forward.  The battle is upon us.

Please help.    $7/month: Join the WTP Congress
                      Donate to the Congress  (501(c)4 not-for-profit organization)
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